Monday, April 19, 2010

Making your space speak...

Back again, after too many weeks away. Home Decor. I did paint, I did carpets. Furniture is more of a one on one conversation as there is so much out there. But how about the little things? If I walked into your home tonight and just by looking around, would I learn anything about you and what you like? Not just that you love the color purple and have it on every wall, but real things about you. Where you grew up, where you have travelled, that you love hearts, or are totally into music. Are you a traditionalist, eclectic, or completely modern?

Do you love black and white photography, straw baskets or have a collection of wind up clocks? If these things are important to you, they should be seen and not tucked away in some plastic bin at the back of some closet.

I have been in many a home over the years that has been tastefully decorated but says absolutely nothing about the people that live there. Just that they hired a decorator and asked for the latest. Think about the things that make you smile, trips you've been on and the goodies that you have collected. Are there items you have from your grandparents or back further that give you a connection to your heritage? If so, put them out.

Did you live someplace that you miss and still feel connected with? Display a group of items that reminds you of that city. Do you have a collection of books that are important to you? Stack them on a table or shelf so you can reference them whenever you have a moment or two. Collections don't need to be all in one spot or causing clutter. You can cleverly disperse these items throughout your home or create little groupings in various rooms.

In my home, we are truly eclectic. From my husbands collection of Navajo carpets (from his Grandfather) and antiques to my love of stars, crosses, Asian decor, and all things bold. Every beach trip we take, I bring home a new collection of sand, shells and rocks from that vacation and display them in a mason jar or open container for the tactile folks. My husband loves spicy food and that is reflected in a sign we have in the kitchen. We have lived in our home for 5 years but are constantly adding, subtracting and just moving things around to create a home that says us. These are our items, lets find yours.

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