Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Define a good deal...

As you've all probably noticed, it is sale time at the stores. 50%, 60%, 75%, and even 80% off. Off of what? That is the question you should ask yourself. There are some bargains to be had and if you make the right sale choices, it is indeed a bargain. But what about that cute purple sweater with the ribbons and embellishments? Its only $29.99, regularly $89.99, what a steal! Or is it? Do you have anything at home you can wear with it? When your best friend or husband sees it, are they going to feel the love or ask what the heck you bought? Is it a style you would normally wear or will you only be wearing it in secret while vacuuming one Monday afternoon while nobody else is home? Sure one $29.99 sweater is not going to break the bank but it is the accumulation of many "bargains" that start to clutter your closet and add up in your checkbook.

Instead think of the sales as a time to stock up on items you know you need. Socks, pj's, and basics such a classic sweaters in neutral colors that are never out of style staples. Of course, if you've been keeping an eye on a MUST have and its finally hit the sale rack, then by all means, take advantage. But spur of the moment bargain purchases usually end up at the back of the closet, gathering dust and taking up space.

While on the topic of stocking your closet with New Years purchases, I will follow up on my Facebook entry from last week about my kickoff to style 2010. I would like to thank the two gals who were brave enough to respond publicly. One was correct, the other creative. Both I appreciate. Every year the one thing that I knowingly spend some money on is a great pair of boots. For those who know me personally, I LOVE my boots. I don't take the pursuit of finding the right ones lightly and when I see that special pair, that is it. I know and I buy. That and chunky costume jewelry are how I define and update my wardrobe. Sure, I buy a few trendy items every year but otherwise my clothes have a clean lined style and my punch comes from my accessories. So this January while out shopping, think about what makes you feel groovy, what that special thing is for you. Once you have that item, call me. Just kidding. Well, not really but that is a great starting point for building your wardrobe around your defined style.

And for the unveiling of my kickoff to style 2010, I will unveil my new boots. Drum roll please........

Happy Sales, I'll be back in a week!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Looking and feeling great in the New Year (Resolution #1)

So while I was having that second homemade shortbread yesterday, I was reminded that in my rush around, busy, busy state of late, I have not even thought about the gym. That is where the New Years Resolution part comes in. Just like every year at this time, I tell myself that come January, my gym buddies and I will be full steam ahead in a couple of weeks. And we will be. Fingers crossed.....

Part of looking good, is feeling good and for me working out definitely is a part of that.

I have been sent an invite today that ties all of those concepts together. I will be attending this event and hope that you can join me.

My friend Teri and a couple of her friends are hosting a trunk show for the latest and greatest fitness wear (NaLa) created by 2 local moms, Laurie and Nancy. You can check out their line at www.nalaseattle.com

The trunk show attendees will not only receive a 20% discount on NaLa wear but also receive a 20% discount from Finch and Sparrow, who carry the NaLa line (I featured them in last weeks blog) and if that isn't enough, a free one month membership at the new David Barton Gym in downtown Bellevue.

This trunk show is being held in Sammamish, WA. on Sunday, January 10th from 2pm-6pm. To rsvp for this event, please call Teri at 425.736.4889 or you can let me know and I will pass on the details. You can also look at the official evite at:

Here's to looking and feeling great in 2010!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thinking Local...

Seattleites are for the most part very conscientious about wanting to purchase local, whether its their produce, their dairy, their airplanes or software. To add to that list, I have met (either through email or in person) 4 very creative people with ties to Seattle that I would like to introduce you to.

The first introduction is to John and Neil. I have known these two creative business men for 4+ years and they are practically Fremont royalty. Neil and John are owners of 3 stores that you must know about. On 3 out of 4 corners of Fremont Avenue (and 35th), there is some prime shopping opportunity that you must take advantage of. First we have Bliss. Bliss is John's baby and upon entering you will feel like you've entered the dance segment of the Ellen show with great tunes playing and displays of fun clothing to explore. Bliss carries denim and the urban, contemporary lines that will have you looking hip and modern the minute you exit the change room. I played for a good 90 minutes in this store alone and had it not been so close to the holidays, I would have left the store with quite the stash. Lots of fun tops, tunics and leggings for everyday wear and plenty of items that carry over into evening without effort.

Next, we head across the street to Dream and you will enter the world of Neil. The concept of Dream is one of timeless classics and therefore caters to a wider age range. In Dream, I found dress coats with beautiful lines and sweaters that were absolutely gorgeous. One of the features of both Bliss and Dream is that John and Neil have created their own labels for their stores and this equates to up to the minute fashion with fabulous pricing. With a few exceptions (purses and coats) almost everything I saw was priced under $150. Great products, very reasonable pricing.

Finally, cross over the street one more time and you will find the handsomely designed, latest addition to their empire, Finch and Sparrow. Finch and Sparrow was created as an extension to both Bliss and Dream and is focused on accessories. There is a large selection of boots, bags, hats, and scarves as well as candles, cosmetics and fun gifts. F + S also supports local artists in the community with art, jewelry, cards and the latest exercise wear by NaLa.

A handful of my favorite items were the stylish Vegan Handbags, the home fragrance diffusers (in an array of scents) by Modern Notes, Lavish Design Studio cards, and the most amazing "cashmere-feel" scarves for $28. Another item that truly caught my eye, was the laser cut line of jewelry by Bijou Daily.

To see the latest of what is happening with John and Neils' retail ventures, check out their blog at: www.finchnsparrow.blogspot.com

My next introduction is to Amanda Pearl. Actually Amanda Brotman. Making a long story short, my introduction to Amanda took place because of a flight from NYC, a close friend of mine, and some magazine trading. Thank goodness for all of this happenstance because I then learned of her beautiful work. Amanda B is a local who grew up in the Seattle area and had performed with our fabulous PNB before heading East to attend college in NY for a degree in Art History and Visual Arts. After graduation she spent 4 years working for Marc Jacobs and then went on to launch her own purse line in February '08. This fall, Amanda then launched her line of jewels that have been quite the hit. On the recent flight from New York that landed our introduction, Amanda was headed back to the PNW for a trunk show hosted by our latest Bellevue addition, Neiman Marcus. Amanda's evening accessories are inspired by the fashion and culture of the 50's and 60's and made with vintage fabrics and beads from her travels. Beautiful. Some of my favorites from her lines are the "Roll Clutch" in many vivid colors and patterns, the black "Maasai Necklace", the "Gold Leaf Headpiece" and the "Olive" handbag as seen below.

To see more about Amanda and her collection, visit her various sites at:

And last but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to Divine Design Seattle. Divine Design is actually Lauren G, who is a Seattle native and I came across her work in the best possible way, a friend of mine was wearing her gorgeous work. Once seeing this natural stone and silk ribbon creation looking stunning on my friends neck, I knew I had to make contact with Lauren. Upon learning more about her, I found out that Lauren's creative juices started flowing while living on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Kauai. I've made one trip there and having only spent a few hours at the magical glass beach, I came home totally inspired so I can only imagine what was blossoming for Lauren. In the Spring of 2005, Divine Designs was launched. Some of my favorites are the simplistic "Scoop" bracelet and the gorgeous Desire Rings. I love the lightness of the one made with Pineapple Quartz.

The fabulous necklace that I saw on my friend is part of Lauren's upcoming Spring Collection and she promises me that we will see that line up on her site very soon. In the meantime, she allowed us a sneak peek at another style from her Spring Collection which is very natural and quite beautiful.

To see more about Lauren and her collections, have a peek at her site:

I hope that you enjoy these introductions and that it gives you all a little extra inspiration in "shopping local". If you do check any of these businesses out, be sure to mention that Pink Pagoda Style sent you. ;)

Be back with more soon!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a quick note to add. This morning www.ideeli.com added some very cute Latico accordion wallets that would make great holiday gifts. They are the cutest leather wallets in every color and are selling for $29, regular $90. If you aren't already, sign up to be a "member" of ideeli and you will get sales events sent to you everyday on great clothes, jewelry and decor. Have a peek before the wallets are gone.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The computer is your friend...

'Tis the season that the malls are chaotic and the parking is worse but there is shopping to be done. For those of you who don't get an energy buzz from all the action, thank goodness for the Internet. I myself am getting 25+ emails a day just from the shops and online retailers telling me about what great product is being offered and I am constantly scouring the web for new and unique things. My bookmarked sites have taken on a life of their own as there is so much stuff to be seen without even leaving your home. Some of the items I am just loving this week are:

Adding a little warmth to your decor or great as a gift, have a look at these horn tealight votives. Very pretty but masculine at the same time.

I love the clothing line Vince, they make wonderful sweaters. Some of their line is young and a tad trendy but the sweaters are great. They are well made, very pretty on and flattering for many body types. The sweater below would be perfect for holiday parties with a great pair of pants, looking chic yet super comfy in cashmere. Have a peek at their cowl neck, drape necked and tunic sweaters as well.

Apparently the temps are really low because I am definitely thinking sweaters today. Another line that has beautiful sweaters this winter is Joie. The Abella and the Cella and both gorgeous and would look great on so many. I visualize the Cella worn with jeans, some stud earrings, a chunky silver watch and very simple flat boots. The Abella can be worn the same way or a little more dressed up with some great slacks and a chunky longer necklace as your statement piece. I think I want them....

And finally a site that is great for absolutely everyone on your list, pets to in-laws, kids to spouse, you will want to have a peek at Velocity Art and Design. They have everything from cool, graphic magnets by Three by Three Seattle for under $10 to $6000 dining tables. Have a look, you never know what you might find. And free shipping for orders over $50.

That's enough to get you online shoppers started, I hope you like what you see. Have a good week, I will be back soon.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome to Pink Pagoda Style

This has been such an exciting week for me as I have been keeping "my project" under wraps for quite sometime now and am so happy to announce it to the world. I tend to be a person who comes up with something and does it now, so to take the time to plan, reflect, plan some more and be patient with the process really shows that this is very important to me and that I want to have everything just right. So now I am jumping in, with both feet. Wow, taking time to plan really does work!

Now that I am out here, let me share with you some thoughts. In fashion, we all have days where we are "caught in our comfies" and that is fine, we are not always on the red carpet....
Everyone has a personal style and I want to help you find yours. I'm not trying to have you look like me, Katie Couric, or Elton John. Its about you. There are lots of different trends that come and go and they are not for everybody. I want you to feel comfortable and up to date with everything in your closet so getting dressed isn't a stressful process but something that is easy and enjoyable. And when you leave your home, you feel and look good.

Have a Pink Pagoda week!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About Pink Pagoda

After years of working in the corporate world, I finally had my "A-Ha" moment and decided to follow my life long passion. As a very visual person with a strong sense of color and design, coordinating both fashion and home interiors has always come naturally. My interests, previous occupations, and education revolved around visual arts and fashion. This included retail, wholesale, international export, makeup artistry, cosmetics, and design.

My service has been created to assist those who are either not comfortable making fashion or décor choices, don't have the time, or just need a second opinion.

My goal for clothing is not to have a client with a full closet but a functional one. A wardrobe of quality pieces that allows the client ease in dressing because they love everything and everything works together.

My goal for home décor, is assisting the client in finding their style and a way to reflect that in their home. Whether it be color, art, or décor items.

Reflecting your distinct personality through fashion and home décor.

Lifestyle, personal style...

Pink Pagoda Style