Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome to Pink Pagoda Style

This has been such an exciting week for me as I have been keeping "my project" under wraps for quite sometime now and am so happy to announce it to the world. I tend to be a person who comes up with something and does it now, so to take the time to plan, reflect, plan some more and be patient with the process really shows that this is very important to me and that I want to have everything just right. So now I am jumping in, with both feet. Wow, taking time to plan really does work!

Now that I am out here, let me share with you some thoughts. In fashion, we all have days where we are "caught in our comfies" and that is fine, we are not always on the red carpet....
Everyone has a personal style and I want to help you find yours. I'm not trying to have you look like me, Katie Couric, or Elton John. Its about you. There are lots of different trends that come and go and they are not for everybody. I want you to feel comfortable and up to date with everything in your closet so getting dressed isn't a stressful process but something that is easy and enjoyable. And when you leave your home, you feel and look good.

Have a Pink Pagoda week!


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