Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Sale Time....

This is for those who will miss it on the Pink Pagoda Style Facebook page.  I will keep it short and sweet.  It is for the ladies and the gents.  Many stores have started their summer clearance sales and it may be a draw to head on over and check them out.  Two things to remember: 1) Summer (has it actually started in the PNW yet?) is quite short, you don't need much.  2) Don't buy for the sake of a good deal.  Make a list of what you need BEFORE you head to the shops and only buy from that list.  Deals hanging in the closet aren't deals after all.  Okay, I'm done.  Carry on.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love the little things...

One of my go to inspiration blogs is Design*Sponge,run by Brooklyn based writer, Grace Bonney.  All kinds of interiors, DIY's, and before and afters to spark your creativity.  Today, D*S posted home photos and sticky notes from three different women across the globe.  It was the sticky notes that got my attention.  Each women was asked what she loved about her home.  

This note was written by Graphic Designer, Sarah Sharpe of Sydney, Austrailia.

This note was written by Photographer Emma J. Noren , living in London.

And this note is written by former Seattlite and Blogger of "Roost" Caitlin Von Horn.  Now in Alabama.

Notice that each of these gals is not mentioning that their favorite thing is their Roche Bobois sofa or some other high priced item bought new.  It's about creating memories with good friends, family, sharing their guest bedroom, and quirky things like mismatched furniture.  This made me think about my own home.  When we are not in a position to upgrade the old sofa, redo the run down washrooms, or re carpet the entire house, it's time to seek out the small things.  And appreciate them.  I went around my home and took quick photos of some things that make me smile.

 This antique wheelbarrow from my mom just sits among my greenery. 

Two silver birdies gifted to me sit amongst a changing still life on my entry way console table.

I am a lover of books.  Some of this cluttered collection has been in my possession since early childhood.

Living on a main road in our neighborhood, impromptu "occasions" happen quite frequently.  We always save the corks and mark them with the date and names the bottle was shared with.

A lamp from my Grandma.  Not necessarily my "style" but since I don't get to see her often, I have a piece that reminds me of her every day.

 A Mexican Sacred Heart purchased on a milestone birthday trip with a fabulous friend.

My husband likes to stack rocks as his "Zen" thing.  His various stackings around our property are little reminders of him at his best, or calmest.  :)

Look around your home.  What little things make you smile?  Bring back a wonderful memory?  Things your family members know are special?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fashion & Physics

Don't worry, I am not going to get all "sciency" on you fashion fans.  Recently I made note that some fashion advice I had given out was questioned and ultimately turned down and it got me to thinking.  Even though I am really good at color and coordination and I absolutely love creating new outfits with what clients already own, fashion is NOT a science.  Nothing is exact and there is never a one size fits all answer.  For example, I had my Wayfarer days back in the 80's (a la Madonna)  and although I liked them, been there, done that.  My husband on the other hand, got his first pair this year and LOVES them.  And they look good.
Me at the beach circa 1985.
My fashion inspiration back in the day. My parents weren't pleased!
Mr. Pink Pagoda Style
Edgey designers have had men and women in (I hate this term) "drop crotch pants" for the last year and I wouldn't put them on for any reason.  If I was 20, I would probably have owned several pair and already been on to the next trend.  Fashion is very personal and only you know what feels like you, regardless of what anyone says.  Myself, magazines, books are only a guide and the rest is up to you.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wow! 365 Days of Pink.

A little over a year ago, I was putting together my dream of Pink Pagoda Style, excited to be doing what I've always wanted to and hoping that others might be excited as well & PPS might go somewhere.  And somewhere it has gone.  I have met so many new people, forged new relationships, seen more clothes than I could ever dream, and assisted men, women, and teens find their personal style.  So much fun!  I am so grateful and look forward to continuing this growth for the next 365 days+++.  My website details will have a few changes in the new year which includes one new service that I will be offering.  Be sure to check it out in a few weeks.  Thank you to everyone who has supported, referred, followed, and been a friend of Pink Pagoda Style.  I am so very appreciative and couldn't have done it without you!

xo Kim

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its been awhile....

Sorry folks.  With the ease of quick posting on FB, Pink Pagoda has been neglecting the blog side of things.  Hope your summer was fabulous and despite the new, crazy weather, I hope your fall is looking good.  With all the new fall merchandise in the stores and the cold temps soon to arrive, now is the time to take a look in your closet, sort out what shouldn't be there, and make your list of what needs to fill in the gaps.  And of course, your new, must have statement pieces that will give you, your wow factor all season.

Pink Pagoda Style has 2 upcoming public events and we would love to have you there. Below are the details to each and our only requirement is that you rsvp to attend.  You can do that one of two ways; Email your rsvp with your name and how many people will be joining you to "kim@pinkpagodastyle.com" OR find Pink Pagoda Style on Facebook, look under the events tab, and rsvp through the invites there.  Looking forward to seeing you for some Fall Fashion!


**10/10 - 3-7pm**  Pink Pagoda Style - Fall Basics and Must Have's for your wardrobe.

What an event this will be! For those of you who attended our spring event and had so much fun, this Fremont fall event is going to be even bigger and better!

Fun, affordable, fall clothing, accessories, shoes and gifts at Finch + Sparrow, Dream, and Bliss boutiques.

Fabulous, feminine foundations and Lounge wear at Bellefleur Lingerie (Complimentary expert bra-fitting to assist with your perfect fall foundations)

Modern, classic, and sophisticated clothing with an edge at Merge Boutique

Makeup by Justine - Makeup Artist

Duchess Cosmetics - featuring their fresh off the press lip gloss.

Hope you can join us for a fun-filled afternoon. Fashion show, treats, swag bags for the first 50 rsvp'ed guests to check in, shopping discounts, great give-aways via drawing, and more. Feel free to bring a friend. RSVP's required. Thank you!


**10/17 - 3-6pm**  Howard and Marge : A Hip Destination for Casual Chic with an Edge.

Location2118 SW 152nd St. Seattle, Wa. 98166

Created By

More InfoCome join me for a fun afternoon in adorable Olde Town Burien. Fall fashion for guys, gals and youngsters at hip destination, Howard and Marge. Fall looks, MakeUp by Justine, Duchess Cosmetics, trunk show with A to Z , gift drawings, shopping discount, bubbly and more.
RSVP's Required. 

Visit Howard and Marge at: http://www.howardandmarge.com/

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A peek behind the Pink Pagoda curtain...

In the past 6 weeks I have been spending quite a bit of time digging in your neighbors closets and having such a blast while assisting clients clean out and start fresh.  With new clients come new conversations with their friends and happily the word spreads.  And she told two people, and she told two people and so on and so on.  With this passed on information I get inquiries with many of the same questions.   I thought it would be a good idea to bring some of these to light and answer them for all to see.

1) I am a professional in XYZ profession and it is expected that I dress in a such and such manner.   I do need assistance with my wardrobe but am wondering if you are going to attempt to convert my sense of style to yours?

The goal of Pink Pagoda Style is not to make anyone dress like I do, it is to assist in finding your personal style and then build your closet to reflect that. While I may have ideas on how you can spark up your current wardrobe or wear something in a new way, in the end it is your wardrobe and you need to love and be comfortable with everything in it.

2) I have not been through my closet in years and I know that a lot of what I have, needs to be replaced.  I
    am prepared to do that but I am concerned that you are going to require me to buy  a ton of new things
    and it will cost me a fortune.  Is your expectation that clients buy designer everything?

When you and I go through your closet, it truly is my goal to use as many pieces from your current wardrobe as we can.  There definitely is purging (goodwill,consignment,etc.) when it comes to outdated, ill-fitting, or stained items; sometimes this is only a little pile, other times, its rather large. Either way, once we have your core pieces figured out, we make a list of the items you need to complete your wardrobe.  Some are basics that you will probably need sooner than later and other list items, such as accessories, are things you can purchase over time.  As for the brands that you are purchasing, that is up to you.  As with my wardrobe, I am the Queen of mixing high end and bargains and share that with all my clients.  Every wardrobe should have some basics that are better quality (classic lines/good fabric that will last for many seasons) and then the fun, trendy pieces can be purchased anywhere from Old Navy and Target on up.

3)  Will you laugh at me and/or my clothes?

I have actually been asked this several times and am always surprised.  Perhaps people think that I will be judgemental or criticize them about what they have.  That is not the case.  I am assuming that I've been hired to assist with choosing your fashion as it does not come easily to you, just as I hire someone to do my taxes.  Hopefully my tax man is not laughing at me. Even though I am always honest, I make the process as painless as possible.  The idea is to have fun.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The long and the short of it....

While changing my closet from winter to spring this past week, I was surprised at how many items needed to go. I love having a ton of tanks as I am a layerer extrodinaire. My collection was large but half of them needed to go. The length of many were way too short, perhaps left over from the day of higher waisted pants. I'd held onto them way too long. And away they go. I have replaced them all with 27 inch models and never have to worry about escaping flesh. Something to keep in mind when changing your closet over.

You can find the newer, longer tanks just about anywhere but the one below is from Victoria Secret, comes in 12 different colors and sells for $14.50.

While on the topic of length, let's talk shorts.  Any magazine, catalog or fashion website you look at, you will find a bevy of short, shorts.  And not just tailored shorts, but cut-off denim shorts.  While Heidi Klum and friends, may look fantastic wearing these beauties with platform shoes to run to the grocery, this is not the norm.  Similar to those shown below, the True Religion cut off shorts are $172 and are not what most of us should be wearing.

The under 25 crowd is who should be looking at this style as something more than a good laugh but those of us older than that (and comfortable with our legs)  might want one more go of the denim cut-offs as well.   If this is the case, look for something a little longer, less ragged.  And wear it with a cute tee or 3/4 sleeve floral blouse and flat sandals.  Leave the Chanel jacket and pump pairing for Hollywood.  These Joes Jeans cut offs are $139 and leave a little more to the imagination.

For those of you that want the shorts but would rather something a little dressier than the denim, tons of cute options out there.    The first pair below are from Elisabeth and James for $225, the second pair from Bliss in Fremont, WA.  for $78. 

And finally, pants.  For some reason or another, pants can "shrink".  Whether its the wash, weight gain, or alien abduction, shrinkage does occur.  When sorting through your closet and finding pants that have not been worn in awhile, try them on.  Seem to be a tad too short, get rid of them.  Pants that are too short are NOT considered cropped.  Say this two times out loud.  Floods are NOT cropped.   Very important always.

Here you will see a pair or cropped pants next to some flood pants.  Although the cropped pair aren't the greatest, you can see which are worse.  While you are looking in your closet, make sure to check your man's at the same time.  They don't seem to have the inner flood warning that most women come equipped with.  Perhaps its a failure to ask for a second opinion.  For a cute, cropped look, Martin + Osa's "Zip Crops" for $69. 

Just something to keep in mind when sorting throught last years spring/summer items and stocking up on items that may be missing from your wardrobe.  Moral of the story, length does indeed matter.