Sunday, June 6, 2010

A peek behind the Pink Pagoda curtain...

In the past 6 weeks I have been spending quite a bit of time digging in your neighbors closets and having such a blast while assisting clients clean out and start fresh.  With new clients come new conversations with their friends and happily the word spreads.  And she told two people, and she told two people and so on and so on.  With this passed on information I get inquiries with many of the same questions.   I thought it would be a good idea to bring some of these to light and answer them for all to see.

1) I am a professional in XYZ profession and it is expected that I dress in a such and such manner.   I do need assistance with my wardrobe but am wondering if you are going to attempt to convert my sense of style to yours?

The goal of Pink Pagoda Style is not to make anyone dress like I do, it is to assist in finding your personal style and then build your closet to reflect that. While I may have ideas on how you can spark up your current wardrobe or wear something in a new way, in the end it is your wardrobe and you need to love and be comfortable with everything in it.

2) I have not been through my closet in years and I know that a lot of what I have, needs to be replaced.  I
    am prepared to do that but I am concerned that you are going to require me to buy  a ton of new things
    and it will cost me a fortune.  Is your expectation that clients buy designer everything?

When you and I go through your closet, it truly is my goal to use as many pieces from your current wardrobe as we can.  There definitely is purging (goodwill,consignment,etc.) when it comes to outdated, ill-fitting, or stained items; sometimes this is only a little pile, other times, its rather large. Either way, once we have your core pieces figured out, we make a list of the items you need to complete your wardrobe.  Some are basics that you will probably need sooner than later and other list items, such as accessories, are things you can purchase over time.  As for the brands that you are purchasing, that is up to you.  As with my wardrobe, I am the Queen of mixing high end and bargains and share that with all my clients.  Every wardrobe should have some basics that are better quality (classic lines/good fabric that will last for many seasons) and then the fun, trendy pieces can be purchased anywhere from Old Navy and Target on up.

3)  Will you laugh at me and/or my clothes?

I have actually been asked this several times and am always surprised.  Perhaps people think that I will be judgemental or criticize them about what they have.  That is not the case.  I am assuming that I've been hired to assist with choosing your fashion as it does not come easily to you, just as I hire someone to do my taxes.  Hopefully my tax man is not laughing at me. Even though I am always honest, I make the process as painless as possible.  The idea is to have fun.

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