Monday, December 21, 2009

Looking and feeling great in the New Year (Resolution #1)

So while I was having that second homemade shortbread yesterday, I was reminded that in my rush around, busy, busy state of late, I have not even thought about the gym. That is where the New Years Resolution part comes in. Just like every year at this time, I tell myself that come January, my gym buddies and I will be full steam ahead in a couple of weeks. And we will be. Fingers crossed.....

Part of looking good, is feeling good and for me working out definitely is a part of that.

I have been sent an invite today that ties all of those concepts together. I will be attending this event and hope that you can join me.

My friend Teri and a couple of her friends are hosting a trunk show for the latest and greatest fitness wear (NaLa) created by 2 local moms, Laurie and Nancy. You can check out their line at

The trunk show attendees will not only receive a 20% discount on NaLa wear but also receive a 20% discount from Finch and Sparrow, who carry the NaLa line (I featured them in last weeks blog) and if that isn't enough, a free one month membership at the new David Barton Gym in downtown Bellevue.

This trunk show is being held in Sammamish, WA. on Sunday, January 10th from 2pm-6pm. To rsvp for this event, please call Teri at 425.736.4889 or you can let me know and I will pass on the details. You can also look at the official evite at:

Here's to looking and feeling great in 2010!


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