Monday, February 1, 2010

Listen Up Gentlemen.....

I have a few things to say. I'm veering back from my Valentines discussion to get more personal. This has been on my mind for awhile and by that, I mean years. Your wardrobe. Plenty of you are doing just fine, in fact, better than fine. There are some great male wardrobes out there. I do have to add in the fact, that I may be a little more judgemental then your average Seattleite as my formative fashion years were spent in Vancouver, BC. where men put a lot of thought into what they wear for all occasions. It was less about the labels and more about the style but the style was good. And it was consistent. When I moved here in the early 90's, to say I was shocked at the male fashion I saw out on the town, would be a major understatement. Slowly, over time, the tech world casualness quietly chipped away at my laser beam fashion eyes and they began to become blurry when a khaki short, hanes t, birkenstock wearing guy walked past me. And this wasn't at the beach or a daytime market, this was in a nightclub, in the city, at night. Aggghhh. People have been kicked out of Canada for lesser crimes! So, on with my thoughts. Because men don't have the constant trend changes that women have, season to season, it is probably easier to slip off the fashion band wagon and wear items longer than they should. I have three major ones that I want to touch base on. If you see yourself in these paragraphs and you know me, its not personal. Its just important! ;)

1) Work issued "fashion":

Clothes that are handed out at work, unless of course you work in a fashion establishment, are not for use outside of work. It seems obvious that a restaurant worker who has a uniform (ranging from McDonalds to the Georgian Room at the Fairmont Hotel) would not choose to wear their work clothes when their shift is over. So why then do we see so many work issued polos, jackets, hats, etc. being worn all over the place for what is clearly not a work activity. And then to put on your best work logo wear to go out for dinner on a Sunday (non work day!), not good. Yes, these clothes are usually free and sometimes even comfortable but that does not equate to a good fashion choice. Most of these clothes were created for trade shows, traveling sales staff, and conferences. Outside of those parameters, the only other acceptable usage is in the privacy of your own home. That being said, there are a few exceptions. I have been reminded that there are good North Face jackets or Patagonia fleece vests that are ordered with company logo's and what to do with those. Outdoor hikes, camping, running to Home Depot, those are fine uses. Going out for a nice dinner on a Saturday night. No. Think of it this way; wouldn't you stand a little taller, feel really good wearing something you chose for your self that says you vs. wearing one of 3000 shirts that were ordered by some admin. person for a last minute conference. Just something to ponder.

2) This one will be short. Cuffs on pants. We don't do this anymore. Sure, many stores will still sell this style if you would like it but you shouldn't. You may have many of these pants in your closet from years past and they still do the job. Time to move them along. Why, you ask? Because unless you are 6' 8", they make you look shorter than you are. Women are always worried about making their legs look longer by wearing the right skirt, cut of pant or shoe and men should think about this as well. Wearing a cuff less pant, gives you length. Length gives the appearance of being leaner. All in all, its a fabulous thing. While we are discussing pants, a side note for you. Pleats along the waist band are another feature from times past. Pleats can add weight to your middle. If you want a leaner look, a flat front pant is the way to go.

3) Last but not least, shoes. I think this is the aspect of apparel that truly gets forgotten. Whether it be comfort or just unawareness , so many people, men and woman both, forget to check this box. I think it is also out of sight, out of mind. Because you can't see your feet doesn't mean other's don't and it is so important for people to keep this in mind. Have you ever seem someone that has a great outfit on but then their shoes stand out like a sore thumb because they are falling apart at the seams? Unpolished? Don't match? Everyone needs to be aware of this. And running shoes, they don't go with clothes that you wouldn't wear to the gym. Shoe makers now have great casual styles that have the comfort of athletic shoes without that look. Nothing says old man like a pair of running shoes paired with office pants, jeans, slacks. Look for a great day time shoe in browns or blacks that will look good with your pants, save the Nikes for your trip to the gym. Just like women spend a little more on a good purse or two, do the same for your shoes. You wear them everyday so you need to have quality for your feet and a selection so you have a few choices. A great pair of shoes will truly complete your outfit.

Hope these recommendations are helpful, women please feel free to forward them on to someone you know that could use these tips. Next week I will have some men's do's to follow up after the don'ts. Have a great week!


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