Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earning your jewels....

With the economy being what it is, most of us are having to choose one thing over another or give up things that were common place a year or two ago. Clothing and jewelry might just fall under this category. If you choose to pass on buying new spring and summer clothes this year, accessories can be the easiest way to update last years clothes and bring them to 2010. But, again, not wanting to spend money in this area, then earning your accessories can be a fabulous solution. You are going to get together with your girlfriends anyways, so why not have an evening in, grab a few goodies from the local Traders Joes or Cost Plus to snack on and host a jewelry party.

One such company that sells their merchandise through home parties is Stella and Dot. Stella and Dot carries bold, statement jewelry that has an Anthropologie feel to it and is truly eye catching. This line is great for those that like a bolder, funkier look in their costume jewelry. Four of their current collections, fall under destination locations to describe the feel of the various pieces; Passage to India which includes lots of gold, silk, and clover details, St. Tropez, which features neutrals, silver coins, chains, and pearls, Palm Beach which is very Lilly Pulitzer with coral, turquiose, enamel flowers and starfish, and finally Sayulita, Mexico. The pieces in this collection feature lots of turquoise with a dark, chocolate brown, wooden beads, suede and leather.

Some of my favorites from their current collection are:

1) The Jardin Ring (14 ct. gold plated - $44).

2) The St. Tropez Statement Cuff in Ivory (hand-sewn Swarovski crystals and glass stones on linen - $118).

3) The Bybles chandelier necklace in silver (silver plated, vintage textured chain with hand cut glass chandelier stones - $148).

4) The Azure Couture earrings (14 ct. gold vermeil with turquoise and green jade - $79).

Stella and Dot was created a few years ago by Jessica Herrin, a mother of two. She was a successful entrepreneur who co-founded and had a vision to create a new kind of company that would allow today's busy woman thrive with a business they would love, selling a product that they would love.

If you are interested in seeing more of Stella and Dot, feel free to contact Sylvia Beer through her email at or visit her websiteat: She will also be having an open house in Seattle on Sunday, March 14th from 3-6 pm if you want to see her "cool jewels" in person.

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Another home based jewelry business that has been around for 25 years is Cookie Lee. This line has a broader range of styles to suit almost everyone and a price point to match with 95% of their items under $40. In 1985 Cookie (yes she is a real person) began taking a shoe box full of the jewelry she had made to her job to sell to her friends and co-workers just as a hobby. By 1992 her business had grown so much that she hired her first consultant, shortly after her business had outgrown their house and they opened the first showroom in Irvine, Ca.

The 2010 spring/summer catalog features jewelry with 4 themes to keep with the current trends. Party Glam, The New Contemporary, Spring Rocker Princess and Relaxed Luxury. The website gives lots of detail on current trends, how to wear their pieces and mixing pieces from different collections to create a bold look.

In the online catalog, some of my favorites are:

The Knotted Mixed Strands necklace for $32 on page 44, the Mixed Chain Cuff, also for $32 on page 56, and the Natural Agate Pendant ($32) worn together with the Tumbled Wood Necklace ($28) on page 19.

While, unfortunately, I am not able to retrieve images from Cookie Lee to show on my blog, you can view the items by visiting the online catalog at: or contact Jeanine directly to hear about her future open house dates at

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So gather your girls for a weekday evening or Sunday afternoon, have a snack, chit chat and earn some jewels to perk up your spring time. No gal can resist a new little sparkle to add to her wardrobe.

Have a great week and I will be back soon with a little interior inspiration.


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