Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolution #2

We all are thinking about getting back to the gym, cutting down on the calories, and overall fine-tuning our lifestyle after weeks of holiday indulgences. After we get that going, what comes next? Cleaning out our closets , both literally and metaphorically. Taking out the old, bringing in the new and generally having a fresh start on the New Year.

I would like to go straight to the literal version and help you jump into this task with both feet. Where to start? First of all, find a day where nothing else is planned and you will have minimal to no interruption. Get your coffee, turn off the phone, and empty that sucker out! Yes, empty. Completely. I want you to see your walls and carpet, nothing should be left.

Next step is picking your 5 most favorite things. You have 6 favorites? Okay, you can add that as well. The point is to only put your very favorites together and back in the closet they go. Of course, only after you inspect those items for any dry cleaning or mending needs. The next step involves a little math. We are starting a new year so you have had 12 months to wear those "maybe items". Anything in there that hasn't been worn in the last twelve, make a pile, its time for them to go. Make sure that pile is far from your closet, we can't have any of those items sneaking back in for another twelve. The only exception to this 12 month rule is perhaps a very special dress or tux (that is still current and fitting) for special occasions that is your go to item in case of a formal event. This item is allowed. Moving on. Is there anything in there that still has tags attached? Why are they still attached? Did you buy some items for an upcoming trip and are saving them? This is good. Did you buy them last July and think they would be perfect for fall? Fall has passed and you still haven't worn them. Out they go. Next is general inspection time. What is missing buttons, needs a hem, a zipper replacement or just a good clean? Out they go in the "to be mended pile". Now what is left? Take each item, take it to your favorites and see if they like each other. ;) Is there at least one item that this piece will go with? Do you like them together? Yes, in, no, out. For now, these yes's should go to the side of the closet. I will explain in a moment. Go through each remaining piece and take it to the appropriate space. Once you have all your yes's back in the closet, its time for one more edit. Find a "clear of piles" space, get a good mirror, and start to play. All of these 'yes' items need to have a purpose in your wardrobe and the purpose should not be to just hang around or confuse you when looking for outfit options. If you need to start trying on, go for it. Put your favorite pants/skirt/jeans on and start rotating the tops and blouses. What looks awesome? What does nothing for you? When you really start to see what sparks your mood and what does nothing for it, you will be on a good road of editing. While you are doing this, grab your shoes and play with those as well. Scarfs, hats, costume jewelry. I told you, you would need a day. Crank up your favorite tunes and enjoy this time.

Once your play time is complete and you are feeling great about what you have, know what you might need to replace or add , it is time to deal with the piles. Cleaning/mending, assuming they are favorites or great pieces to keep, take them to the car so they are ready to drop off on your next outing. As for the "get rid of's", 3 piles. If the tagged items are current, can you still return them? Higher end items can easily be sold on eBay for under a $1 charge to you. Lightly worn, current mall brands can be sold at second hand stores such as Plato's Closet for immediate cash, and everything else for donation. There you have it. You will be exhausted but oh, so pleased to have a fresh and organized closet.

Oh, and by the way, if you still need help......... Pink Pagoda.

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