Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two questions answered......

Answers to a couple of questions….. In the last two weeks, two questions have come up several times and I thought they were good ones to answer for all. Firstly, why would someone need a person to clean out their closet or shop for them? Who needs a service like this? In response to a question I have been asked directly and through others, I will use myself to explain. I’m pretty good with numbers and am able to do my own taxes but it is not something that comes easily for me, nor do I enjoy it. Since my husband shares my sentiments on this, we choose to hire our fabulous Bob Jones to do our taxes for us. This is his career and he knows all the ins and outs. It is something he enjoys and is very confident about so Bob is the best one for this job. How this pertains to me and Pink Pagoda Style is that I have a love for style and clothes and it is something that has always come easily to me, for both myself and for assisting others. Anyone can walk into a store and buy a pair of jeans but not everyone enjoys the process, feels confident about the process or wants to spend the time to do it. Sure store clerks are there to assist and sometimes that assistance is good. We would like to think that a 19 year old on commission has our best interest at heart but is that really the case? Are they going to be honest about what cut or color looks best on you? Are they going to give you all the options or just place the highest priced items in your change room? Hiring a stylist allows you to not only figure out what you truly do and do not need but allows you to play with new looks within your current wardrobe and experiment with ones that you might not have tried on your own. The second question that has come up since last weeks blog on cleaning your closet is what to do with the clothes that you love but they just don’t fit. Are they purge items or keep items? Well, that just depends. If you gained a couple of pounds over the holiday and those favorite pants are just a tad too tight, I would suggest keeping them. Chances are that when you get back in the swing of things, those few pounds will be lost and all is well. For the items that have not fit for some time now, same rule as the haven’t worn for 12 months applies. If you truly love that item, I would guess that you aren’t wearing it because it no longer fits. Why punish yourself into constantly being reminded that you are no longer that size by wearing something that is uncomfortable. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, if you aren’t comfortable in those pants or that top, you body language is going to show it. For those of you that have made a resolution to get your body back, we all know that isn’t on overnight process. If you are working towards that goal, would it not be fabulous to reward yourself with new items once that goal is achieved. In the meantime, you should have items in your closet that fit you now, not later.

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