Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Spring Thing

Wow. 2010 is off to a speedy start, I can't believe it is almost the end of January. Just as you've finally figured out your winter wardrobe and are feeling cozy in that cashmere, the shops and magazines are already pushing spring looks our way. While we are curling up with a cup of tea and dreaming of warmer days, the stockrooms are receiving many a shipment and starting to wheel the new merchandise out on the floor. So, what do we make of the new trends and where do we start. The two main themes that are everywhere are brights and neutrals. And then we have denim, white shirts, blue, shirt dresses, florals, tribal, hot shorts and harem pants. Oh my. Covers a lot of ground doesn't it?!?

Just like any other season, my main message will be, just because its on the pages of Vogue, does not mean you need to buy it. Just because a 17 year old, 6 foot model looks good in it, does not mean the rest of us do. Okay? O.K. Excellent.

Back to the start. Brights are fun. They give us a little kick in our step. Not every color looks good on everyone though. If you happen to love bright yellow, perhaps choose a fun purse or bracelet to show your love of sunshine. Yellow hot pants on the other hand may loose their spark the minute you get them home. The same goes for fushia, purple, orange, etc. On the other hand, if these colors look good on you, choose a cute t-shirt, cardigan or lightweight jacket to throw overtop an outfit for a little punch. These items need not come from Neimans, this is when Target, Old Navy, and sales racks are perfect. In today, out tomorrow and no love lost because of a hefty price tag.

Neutrals. Sounds boring but it doesn't have to be. First of all the nude shoes that Hollywood has been wearing for the last 2 seasons are sexy. Once we loose the tights and hose, the look of a bare leg with a great pair of nude shoes is fabulous. When you are wearing a brighter or multi colored dress, instead of being matchy matchy and looking like you are going to prom, a nude shoe is perfect. Your shoes just blend in and your legs look longer without the chop up of a bright color at the end of your leg.
With the neutral clothes, you can mix many different shades and textures of neutral to create interest. With the below photos, this has been achieved with layering different fabrics and tones. Wouldn't the first two be great with a mustard yellow bag or a denim jacket for a daytime coverup? The dressier outfit could pair with a fushia clutch for a punch of color, although its beautiful on its own.

Next up is a great, white shirt. These never go out of style and there is so much you can do with them. This is a piece that you want to spend money on as, if cared for, it will last you a long time. Blue is also being shown a lot and it is not referring strictly to denim. There are various tops, purses, shoes and jewelry in both turquoise and denim shades. Please, whatever you do, no head to toe denim unless you want to wrangle steer on a cattle ranch. Visualize City Slickers.

And tribal. Another look that can look great or be a nightmare. The best way to incorporate this look into your wardrobe is with a fun belt, bracelet scarf or shoe. Although, this looks amazing on the gal below, it probably won't work for most of us. ** See above regarding 6ft , 17 year old model!

On to more practical looks, the shirt dress. If done right, this is something that can be such a versatile look for work and play. Comfort plays a big part in this as well, looking good, feeling good. Only one warning, if it looks like your dads shirt you wore to elementary school art class, the rest of the world will think so as well. If you recall this trend from yesteryear, it means you've done it once before and have to do the adult version this time. Make sure it has some tailoring to it and not a giant t-shirt that looks like you are headed to the pool. This Millie version is so versatile, I just love it!

Next we come to harem pants and hot pants. Again, do you remember them from your past? This time, lets skip the grown up version because, honestly, I don't think there is one. If there is, there shouldn't be. A good pair of fitted bermuda shorts looks great in the daytime or can be dressed up for an evening BBQ. Other than that, wear a skirt or dress. No need for hot pants.

Finally shoes. Always a fun way to zip up an outfit or change it from day to night. The first must have was mentioned above, the nude shoe. You can find this is heels or flats although I think the first looks the best if you are looking to lengthen. The other two trends in shoes for spring are wedges and cut-outs. Wedges to me, are a daytime shoe. You get the height but they are also pretty casual whether they are weaved, cork or even all leather. The cut-out on the other hand is being shown in all styles, from flat to pumps to dressier high heels. This brings back memories for me as I remember these great beige and white Bandelino cutouts that my mom bought me in the early 80's. I wonder where they are now.......

Here's looking forward to spring!


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